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My name is Michael J. Carlson, and I am a 49 year male bisexual currently incarcerated in Texas. My story is yet another Texas prison horror story of a rape that should never have happened, and the prevailing threat still in existence.

I was first brought back to Texas on February 19, 2005 for a parole revocation hearing, from Arizona, where I had been living on parole. That revocation hearing was held on March 7, 2005 at the Byrd Unit in Huntsville, Texas. After receiving all of the so-called "evidence", the hearing officer, Diane Corona, found I did not violate any condition of my parole, that I was to be reinstated and placed in a halfway house.

However, rather than sending me to a Pre-Release Prison, I was instead sent to the Bill Clements Unit, a maximum security prison in Amarillo, by TDCJ and Parole Division officials. I should never have been placed on that unit or even reincarcerated, because my parole was not revoked, nor had I been convicted of any new felony offense, which, once I had been previously granted parole and released from prison, I could only be reincarcerated for.

On March 23, 2005 the Parole Board officially reinstated my parole, but kept me at the Bill Clements Unit.

I had repeatedly warned Warden [name omitted] that my physical safety was in grave danger in the unit, that because I was on parole, I was extremely vulnerable and at risk of being raped. Warden [name omitted] admitted that I wasn't supposed to be on his unit, and kept contacting parole officials to find out what they were going to do. But took no steps to protect me.

I had attempted to file grievances over my being assigned to the Bill Clements Unit when my parole had not been revoked and I had not been convicted of a new felony offense, and stated in each grievance that by assigning me to the Bill Clements Unit, prison and parole officials were clearly placing my safety in jeopardy, and again emphasized I was at risk of being raped. However, each time my grievances were returned to me, saying my complaints weren't "grievable issues".

On or about April 10th (or 11th), 2005, I was raped at knifepoint by my cellmate, [name omitted]. Although I reported the rape and asked for protection, nothing was done, and I was kept in that cell. I tried to get medical attention, but the nurse on duty refused to see me. Over the next 2 days I was raped repeatedly by White. On April 21st, 2005 I was finally released and sent to the CSC Halfway House in Fort Worth.

When I arrived there on April 21st, 2005 I was extremely depressed and despondent, on the verge of community suicide. Not only was I struggling in trying to deal with the horror of having been raped at a maximum security prison I should never have been on, but I was also still having a difficult time in dealing with the murder of my beloved sister, who was murdered in Arizona on October 1, 2003. Her murder devastated me.

I was crying out for help, but no one, not even my parole officer, [name omitted], would help me. To make matters worse, friends of the inmate who raped me were also at the CSC Halfway House and had been threatening me. I was sinking deeper into my depression, and kept begging for help! But no one would listen. Finally, out of fear and desperation I walked away from that halfway house and hitchhiked back home to Tuscon, Arizona on May 12, 2005.

On July 14, 2005 I was subsequently arrested in Tuscon on the parole violation warrant, and returned to Huntsville, Texas on August 18, 2005. ... On September 6, 2005, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles revoked my parole, not even considering the living hell I was (and still am) going through when I left, and how all of my cries for help were ignored.

I have suffered the horror of being raped, a rape that should never have happened because I should never have been assigned to the Bill Clements Unit after having been found not guilty of any violation of my parole and being reinstated. TDCJ officials, Parole Division officials, and Warden [name omitted] are just as responsible for my being raped as [name omitted] is.

As for my parole revocation now, yes, it was "wrong" for me to leave the CSC Halfway House and return to Arizona; I should have gone ahead and committed suicide instead, as I had first intended on doing. But it was also wrong for TDCJ and Parole officials to expose me to the repeated rape I suffered at a maximum security prison which they sent me to and kept me at even though they well knew I wasn't supposed to be on it. And it was just as wrong for my parole officer to refuse to help me; had she given that help I was begging for, I would never have left.

Rape is an inhumane crime against humanity, a horror no one should ever suffer through! It leaves psychological scars beyond repair, and now the Parole Board revokes my parole?!!

And now that the Parole Board has in fact unjustly revoked my parole, disregarding the hell and torment I've been through, I'm again at risk of being raped again!

What in fact has happened to me, and continues to happen, is a crime against humanity. It is cruel and inhumane treatement and punishment beyond description! These crimes against humanity must be stopped, and the conditions in Texas' prisons that breed them! Their lax attitude about them, and the predatory prisoners don't fear being "punished" by prison officials.

I don't want to see another prisoner suffer the horrors I've been through. Rapes such as mine occur all too frequently in Texas' prisons, with officials doing nothing to curtail them or prevent them. (How many inmates have they prosecuted for rape in prison?)

Because of this and my desire that no other Texas prisoner should suffer as I have, I have written this for everyone to read. I don't have anybody, no family, nothing, in the free world, or anybody to help me, and of course no attorney will help me pro bono. So I'm all alone.

The sad truth about all of this is that no one cares about it, wants to hear about it, or about the living hell and torment I've been through! Thank you.

Michael J. Carlson #328076
TDCJ Byrd Unit (transit)
21 FM 247
Huntsville, Texas 77320